Entry 'Historical vehicle'

The entry 'Historic vehicle' in the type and registration certificate can only be made if the vehicle corresponds to the construction year definition. The entry is obtained by the competent licensing authority and only after evidence of originality and preservation has been provided.

Necessary documents

You need at the provincial inspection:

  • Excerpt from the list of 'Historic Vehicles' according to §131b KFG. This is available from the company Eurotax or car price mirror
  • type certificate
  • Proof of the date of first registration or of the year of construction
  • 2 photos from the left front
  • Proof of ownership and technical data sheet of the vehicle
  • sometimes a noise report

In addition, a demonstration of the vehicle is required, in which it is checked whether the vehicle still corresponds to the original state and the maintenance state 1 - 3. For this purpose, an opinion of an expert on historical motor vehicles may be required. The decision to provide this or additional evidence is up to the approval authority. The cost of the entry are, depending on the state examination between 39 and 200 euros.
Tip: It is absolutely necessary to inquire in advance at the respective provincial inspection office (!) Which documents are really required or accepted.
Driving restriction
Historic motor vehicles may only be used 120 days a year, historical motorcycles only 60 days a year. Such use shall be logbook-type records and submitted to the Authority on request. Entry in the logbook must be carried out in such a way that the respective journey must already be completed before it starts. This entry must include the date, purpose of the trip and the location. Subsequently, the destination and the kilometers traveled must be completed. The logbook has to be kept at all times and kept for 5 years.
'Stickers Displaying' intervals
The recurrent §57a assessment is to be carried out on historic motor vehicles every two years. Prerequisite for this is the valid entry 'Historic motor vehicle' in the type or approval certificate. In the course of §57a appraisals of historic vehicles, the logbook-type records of the last 2 years as well as the approval document (possibly in copy) must be submitted.
If the type certificate is lost

  • If the vehicle is registered in Austria, you will need a loss report to the police, a clearance certificate from the district headquarters and a duplicate of the type certificate or the technical data sheet from the general importer.
  • If the vehicle is not registered, you need in addition a proof of ownership (the purchase contract or a sworn statement on the rightful ownership), further the technical data sheet or a duplicate of the type certificate. If there is no general importer, the technical data must be obtained either by an expert or in very old vehicles from the specialist literature, by a type certificate of the same type or on the Internet.

TIP: It is helpful to inquire at a classic car club of its vehicle brand, whether someone there has a vehicle of the same type or technical data sheets.


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